Monotheistic Spirituality

There are two spiritually based traditions of monotheistic spirituality:  one emerges from the way of the prophets; the other from the way of the mystics. Currently the latter prevails.

Prophecy means to bring the message of God down to Earth, to meet us here.  The two primary methods for celestial information to reach us come:  1) via visionary revelation, a timeless event conveyed to us in time-space reality; 2) the Gift, in words via the 10 Laws (Commandments)) as their immediate actual commands to be incorporated in everyday behavior.  Visions and Laws give us direct access to our Source that is Love.

In contrast, mysticism means to seek upward toward God, to meet a unitive experience beyond the boundary of this here place. The mystical experience arises through inner acts of love, faith, hope, will, intuition, active meditation to realize our oneness with the Absolute One Mind.

For those of us who aspire to know God, and that is an absolute possibility — to know, not have knowledge of as an intellectual, philosophical exercise — both ways are practical applications to be combined, not to be thought of as mutually exclusive.

There are two practices that combine the two:  1) 10 Commandments; 2) 7 Spiritual Forces.