The Myth of Auto-Immunity

The body is not stupid, nor malicious.  It is always seeking balance.

We constantly create poisons in our organism through mistaken perceptions and conceptions, generating false states of emergency.  These mistaken perception and conceptions generally concern a fear or anxiety about the future.

In turn, the fight-flight reflex is activated to prepare you for fighting or fleeing. However, having no immediate, physical emergency, the sympathetic nervous system breaks down**. That is to say, those chemicals/hormones generated to serve as energies created to combat the presumed emergency, having no real outlets for their expression, simply break down within body, producing metabolites, or waste products needing to be released from the body.  In response, multiple organ systems of the body go into action, mobilizing their forces to clean us out, evacuating the wastes through any and all orifices available.


One of the mop-up crews are the white cell legions that circulate through the vascular channels, seeking out the toxins to gobble them up and remove them.  These cells “sniff”, “see”, “hear” the offenders, and do what’s necessary to get rid of them.  This natural and health-giving cleansing activity is deemed a “pathology” by the medical investigators, dubbed an auto-immune disease.

What the medical model fails to understand is that the patient’s body is not foolishly attacking itself. Rather, the body is generating a chronic cleansing response in order to restore balance to their bodily life. In this way, the auto-immune response is a function, not a failure, of the body’s healing process. The auto-immune disease is a myth that neglects to address the underlying false emergency generating the immune response. Though medicine offers short-term symptomatic relief, they bind the patient to false, misinformed labels.  A patient does not have an auto-immune disease, rather they have a false emergency.

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