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To Increase Income

Close your eyes. Breathe out a long slow exhalation through the mouth followed by a brief inhalation through the nose three times; then breathe any way you wish. See yourself hurling a fine golden net into the cosmos catching for yourself the sustenance you need. Breathe out one time and bring the net back down to you. Open it, remove and keep what you have brought to you. Breathe out and open your eyes. Repeat this exercise each morning upon awakening for 21 days without skipping. Remember, do not be concerned or focused on the result. Tell yourself the name of the exercise and the intention – not the goal – any way you wish to state it, and that it is taking a few seconds. Your biological clock will have you open your eyes at the correct time for yourself.

After doing the exercise forget it throughout the day. Also, make sure you do the exercise sitting upright, back straight, in a chair with arms. Your arms rest on the arms of the chair and your feet rest squarely on the floor. All exercises presented on this link are to be done under the same conditions. Let me know how you do if you like by emailing me at Also, you can find many more exercises for all sorts of things by consulting my books, Healing Visualizations and Healing Into Immortality, as well as my CD series The Natural Laws Of Self Healing, all available in my shopping cart on this website.