The Ninth Cosmic Law

In a previous Dr. J’s Corner I referenced the 10th universal cosmic laws, mentioning I would proceed to comment in reverse order on all of them and their applicability in our everyday life.

Here’s the Ninth: Don’t Bear False Witness. Here are the elements connected with this law I’ve discovered. Some are well–known and of general knowledge. Others have occurred to me independently.

The generally known:

   a. Saying something true that shouldn’t be said
   b. Saying something untrue that shouldn’t be said (perjury)
   c. Gossip
   d. Rumors
   e. Promises
   f. Pledges
   g. Oaths
   h. Vows (excepting the spiritual ones: obedience, poverty, chastity)

The lesser known:

   1. Future talk - encompasses also e-h above
   2. Speaking conclusions
   3. Conjectures
   4. Speculations
   5. Assumptions
   6. Past talk
   7. Opinions
   8. Explanations passed off as facts
   9. Distortions of immediate perceptions by use of adjectival and adverbial descriptors

There are more possibilities, but I wanted to give some prominent examples.