Obama's Health Plan: Socialism or Christianity

Indignation is not quite the right word to describe the outcry of a boisterously vocal number of people and groups in response to President Obama’s health care bill to enfranchise the 46,000,000 Americans without health insurance. “It’s socialism,” was the battle cry. A fear swept over them that government would become more intrusive than ever, dominating our lives from birth to death, just as in Scandinavia. Neither Obama or his spokesmen sought to correct this error and correctly reframe the issue as “not socialism but Christianity!” 

The thrust of his healthcare reform measure – seriously flawed as it is by putting all healthcare practitioners under the hands of MD’s ignorant of many healing modalities – was to follow a deeply imbedded spiritual prescription within the Jewish and Christian traditions to  “Help the widows and orphans in their need.”  This message is repeated no less than 50 times in the Bible,  sometimes followed by the statement “Remember I took you out of bondage with an outstretched arm and a strong hand”; that is remember where you have been; remember the needy; don’t forsake the disadvantaged. Suddenly, that very Christian ideal was abandoned in favor of some trumped up notion of a shift about to take place in the American political-social  life.

Obama has a heart that speaks to Christian love; but he lost his usual oratory brilliance in failing to respond in a strong, decisive way to remind Americans about the true ideals we stand for as a nation. These same Christian values were certainly in the hearts of its founding fathers and perhaps are buried  even in  the hearts of the current decriers of societal betterment  opposing  all reform be it healthcare,  immigration, extension of unemployment benefits, or lending a  hand to those “huddled masses yearning to be free” written on our Statue of Liberty.

Without a heart, this country risks becoming a sterile, robotic bureaucracy - lost in a turbulent sea of change -  without a moral compass to guide it.