Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – A Possible Remedy


A major feature of OCD (obsessive–compulsive disorder) is the worrisome thoughts entering consciousness associated with an emotional mixture of fear, anxiety, and worry accompanying them.

In conventional psychiatric treatment, interventions always aim to "combat" the unruly thoughts and compulsive behavior. The mistaken notion posits that these obtrusive thoughts must be blocked. This approach, in whatever techniques are offered, really can’t work, leaving the "last resort" of prescribing medication with all its attendant "side-effects". 

In contrast, a spiritual remedy seeks not to block the intrusive thoughts and behavior, as they cannot be blocked effectively; so there is no sense wasting energy trying to do so. Let these thoughts come.  Instead, your job is to turn your thoughts to another direction. That is, whenever a troublesome thought occurs have some thought of God, Divinity, Invisible Reality, One Mind, Consciousness, Higher Power, or whatever term you want to call It. Have some pleasant thought in this direction about our Source. Even if you are agnostic or atheistic pretend you are focusing thoughts toward the invisible reality; act as if there is an unseen force being spoken to. For compulsive acts let them come. After, take an action where you give something to someone, some form of charitable offering: like giving coins to a street beggar, or stopping at a house of worship and leaving a charitable donation(the amount doesn’t matter).

Give yourself a chance to follow this way and observe what happens. You will know in short order whether this approach has value. Changes effected by oneself along a new pathway show corresponding changes in the heart and brain. In the former, we find increased heart rate coherence with attendant strengthening of heart rate variability. In the latter, research observations have show the establishment of new neural networks. We can actually resurrect a new heart and new brain through simple spiritual exercises as described above.

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