The Power Imagery Process (PIP): The Power to Change

The Power-Imagery Process (or PIP), created by Drs. Elizabeth Barrett and Gerald Epstein, is a three-step 21-day online program that puts our work on power and imagery together.Book a private, group or corporate workshop now! Call (212) 369-4080 or email 

What is Power Imagery Process (PIP)? The Power Imagery Process (PIP) measures how you use your power in the world and provides you with a three week individualized program to help you change.  Power is simply not about self control or power over others, rather it is about finding the power within yourself to become free. The word PIP means something or someone wonderful. Through re-education and an individualized imagery program, you become more self-empowered to act in the world.  This three week, on-line, process is an educational, not a therapeutic, process.

What is Power? Power is the capacity for participating knowingly in change by:  1. Being aware  2. Making choices 3. Feeling free to act intentionally 4. Involvement in creating change. 5. Power is being aware of what you are choosing to do, feeling free to do it, and doing it intentionally.

What is Mental Imagery & The Power-Imagery Process? Imagery is the natural and true language of your inner life, a reflecting mirror that shows you who you are and the possibilities that exist for you to become free. We know it’s true since we’ve been there and done that. It gives you new directions for health, creativity, and relationships.

The knowledge of the power-imagery process we are sharing with you is a unique and original view of power and of imagery. This new creation reflects our combined lifetime of professional commitment and expertise in these two areas: power and imagery.

How Power Imagery Process (PIP) Works: First, it measures your power using the Power as Knowing Participation in Change Tool (PKPCT).  Based on the scores, that show your stronger and weaker areas of power, you discover your computerized Power Profile. This program selects the weakest characteristics in the 4 dimensions and 12 characteristics of power.  Then you receive an array of power enhancing exercises, either imagery or techniques or will, for each step of the 3 weeks with a total number of 10 exercises. There are about 266 million possible combinations; thus, it is individually tailored to your specific needs.

We have used this process with people in the corporate and non-profit worlds, with individuals in private practice, and group workshops.  It’s available at for $29.95 and is available for 90 days, so there is time to review the mental exercises, the graphs and other materials as often as desired—AFTER the workshop.

  • Continue until you have entered your credit card information.
  • Complete the Power Assessment (PKPCT) after carefully reading the instructions  
  • Do NOT complete the exercises.  Instead continue to click through the program and print out the exercises and graphs at each of the three steps of the program.
  • You will have a total of 10 exercises and 3 graphs
  • Bring the printouts of your individualized exercises and graphs with you to the workshop. 

Day 1 - Day 7

Your 4 Power Dimensions (from most to least powerful), complete with graph
Imagery Exercises - Step 1
Day 8 - Day 14
Power Characteristics within each Power Dimension, with INDIVIDUALIZED graph
Exercises of Will - Step 2
Day 15 - Day 21
Power Characteristics as they relate to each Power Dimension complete with graph and your INDIVIDUALIZED PowerGram
Imagery Exercises - Step 3



About The PIP Workshop: In this workshop, you will discover in yourself a doorway opening to real power—putting you in possession of a spiritual promise to become the master of yourself. You will spend two half days in dialogue with us spaced four weeks apart. The first session is to educate you about power and imagery and the ins and outs of the program you are about to explore during the following 21 days.  You will learn what power is and what it is not—and what imagery is and what it is not, and how they can change your life when put together in PIP! In the second session, you will share with us and the group, your experiences, insights, revelations, and understandings that transpired during the 3-step 21-day PIP program.

 Your Guides to Change: Dr. Elizabeth Barrett, RN, PhD, and Dr. Gerald Epstein, MD collaborated to create PIP. Dr Barrett pioneered the theory and research of power “as knowing participation in change”.  Dr. Epstein is a pioneer in the use of mental imagery to create change. View Videos.

  • Elizabeth Ann Manhart Barrett, RN; PhD; FAAN, is Professor Emerita, Hunter College, City University of New York. She has been a healthcare provider for over 40 years. Currently, she is a psychotherapist in the private practice of Health Patterning in New York City, a research consultant, and creator of the Power as Knowing Participation in Change® Theory.
  • Gerald Epstein, MD, is a psychiatrist in practice over 45 years. He is a recognized authority of mental imagery and a pioneer in the development of its use in the United States. He is the author of the classic book on this subject: Healing Visualizations: Creating Health Through Imagery translated in 13 languages and published in 15 countries.

What People Say About Their PIP Experience

I have referred a few people to the Power-Imagery Process and they all have loved it! Thanks for making, developing, and putting this out there for people. It is pure genius!!
Lydia C.

Power-Imagery Process is a true blessing for me. Through it I found my inner self reflected in a most honest way. What a liberation. It teaches and guides. I thank you for putting your wisdom, knowledge and love in this uniquely brilliant Process. I am recommending you highly. Be blessed.
Petra K.

Power-as-Freedom to relate wholesomely and appreciatively with others - that's the fantastic gift PIP gave me.
--Colin G.

I have successfully used the Power-Imagery Program as a tool to meet specific goals: getting a job, building self-confidence and other aspects of my life with positive outcomes.
Lincoln T.

With the practices and tools of the Power-Imagery Process, I have been able to better understand "power" and how my self-imposed limitations created blinders and blockages. Through the simple and quick daily practices, I am now better able to see multiple options and make assertive choices that have profound impact on my leadership and purpose in our world.
--Michelle C.

For me, the Power-Imagery Process has proven to be a life transforming experience rooted in simplicity. I truly have power over my own life now. I had it all along and just didn't realize it until now.
--Jeronimo S.


For the past several months, I have been contemplating a change in the direction of my career. Over the same period of time, the same business opportunity kept presenting itself to me but I was having a difficult time making a decision as to whether or not this was something I wanted to pursue. Towards the tail end of the program, the opportunity again presented itself, at which point I decided to make a small investment (which was refundable) and go forward with same. After making the investment and having access to additional information, I decided not to pursue the venture. I have moved on, and I attribute that in no small measure to the PIP program.--David B.

Thank you both for creating this program! I used it as suggested by the results of the questionnaire and actually felt a strong flow of energy for about 45 days. The imagery gave me the opportunity to ACT, not shilly-shally around. It was a powerful and freeing sensation. Without this program I truly don't think I'd have completed the application for Licensed Independent SW for New Mexico. But this application is now on file, awaiting supporting documentation. I also used the energy gained for my other activities--pushing ahead to solve problems in my art association and in my artwork itself. I will now revisit the exercises with a focus of completing a long-time-in-the-works novel. What a relief and joy it will be to finish this story.After the new year begins, I think I will do the program anew, focusing on those areas that may yet need strengthening. Again, I can't thank you enough for the opportunity you two created. --Susan R.

I attended the PIP class about five years ago. I was intrigued by the title of the class and wanted to learn how I can use  'power' - which has many connotations in our society -  to enhance my life spiritually and work through situations that I thought I had no 'control' over. The class was enlightening on many levels: shifting my understanding of the meaning of power from control to freedom, receiving my own personal profile (based on a scientifically-tested questionnaire) that highlighted the areas in my life where I was stuck and the imagery exercises to move through them and incorporating the feedback from other class members into my understanding of the material. This is process that is also full of possibilities for continued spiritual growth. Five years later, my PIP profile and imagery exercises are still relevant. Dr. Epstein and Dr. Barrett create a supportive and loving environment for each person to discover how to use power to take charge of his or her own life.-- Stephanie B.