The Power of Prayer: Using Mental Imagery to Call Our Guardian Angel

In the Western spiritual tradition, we all have at least one guardian angel who awaits our bidding, ready to respond for whatever we ask.  Through prayer we can call on these divine beings without inhibitions, reservations, or hesitations.  They are here to serve, guard, defend, visit and protect. But, we must call upon them;  they cannot act on their own initiative.

We are all familiar with verbal prayer, uttered inwardly silently or outwardly; by ourselves or in groups.  Mental imagery is another form of prayer.  When we quiet ourselves, we receive guidance and information from the Invisible Reality in the form of images or pictures. We, in turn, can offer a supplication, appeal, or request in this divine language of image as well.

Prayers come in two forms: First, prayers that deal with everyday concerns that are not so significant, nor urgent (like getting a parking spot). For these, we call on our guardian angel.  

Second, there are prayers that address more dire circumstance, such as imminent danger, threat of death or chronic illness. For these, we go directly to the Source, which appears when there is dire need.          

Spiritual point:  Whatever happens or may not happen during the following two imagery exercises, you are being given exactly what you need.  Whatever takes place, please give thanks.

Regardless of how we do it, prayer permits us to make connection with our Divine Reality.  How wonderful.                                                     

1. Imagery Exercise for Calling on Your Guardian Angel

  • Close your eyes. 
  • Ask guardian angel for a cab.
  • See yourself getting a taxicab (or whatever you need) by imagining yourself entering a blue circle and seeing the empty cab with its vacant light on, entering the circle.  It takes only a few seconds. 
  • Breathe out and open your eyes.
  • After the cab arrives, take a moment to look upwards and thank the angel for its help.

2. Imagery Exercise for Calling on Your Guardian Angel

  • Close your eyes and imagine your guardian angel as a cloud of maternal green presence above your head, entering your body at the top of your head, traveling from your brain and streaming downward through your spinal column. 
  • At this moment ask your guardian angel for whatever you need. 
  • Breathe out and open your eyes.