Psychogenetic Transmissions: Finding the Organizing Beliefs that Direct Your Life

Not only is there a genetic transmission, which sows itself in our physical characteristics, but also a psychogenetic transmission. Such transmissions carry the family errors and strengths.  In turn they convey the organizing beliefs that direct our lives. That is to say there is one or two (rarely three, or more) in place from earliest life around which we organize our lives. These beliefs represent the psychogenetic transmission to be fulfilled (strengths) or corrected (errors). A simple way to discover those seminal “error beliefs” is to ask yourself what current beliefs or situations do you keep banging up against that remain unresolved and /or perpetually distress you. That difficulty reflects the childhood belief that now appears as “old wine in new bottles.”. The past is now your present alive and well. You can of course change these beliefs through mental imagery, life plan, the use of will and other spiritual practices.