Purim: Hidden Hand of God

 The overall message inscribed in the story of Purim concerns a purposeful omission of the name of God. Yet the story centers on how what is considered impossible becomes possible due to the hidden “hand of God” behind this phenomenon.  In fact, most everyone has had an experience where what seemed impossible to happen, happened.  Moreover, with careful observation, we may see the improbable occurring almost everyday.

            The Book of Esther is the first ascription of a reversal of fortune of an entire people that are saved from genocide through the actions of people that are guided by this hidden hand to bring the impossible to fruition.  


  Here is an imagery exercise to create hope for yourself and salvation for the future when things are looking bleak:


God’s Hidden Hand: Making the Impossible, Possible

·      Sit up and close your eyes.

·      Breathe out and in three times; long out-breaths through the mouth, normal in-breaths through the nose. 

·      Imagine what appears impossible for you now.

·      Breathe out one time, and call upon God or the Absolute One Mind to show you what steps you may take to make the impossible, possible.

·      Thank this Divine presence, promising to follow through with whatever you have been given.

·      What are you feelings?

·      What are you knowing?

·      Breath out and open your eyes.