Purpose of Living

We are born on and borne into this Earth of two bodies:  1) an exterior physical one that lives and functions in the time-space world we inhabit; 2) an interior or soul substantive one, formless and not bound to linear time nor governed by the laws of this world. Shortly after birth, pressures are exerted by outer and inner forces to separate those two natures, those two bodies. The pressures stem from the material world – the world of duality: right-wrong, good-bad, success-failure, rich-poor, comfort-discomfort.  We are conditioned early in life to occupy ourselves with these opposition-based standards, which give us a model of life that eschews pain in pursuit of pleasure. This model concretizes a fundamental false belief that dictates our life: get to a state of comfort and pleasure and avoid pain.

However, this binary system is based on man-made standards and inherently erodes our physical, emotional, mental, social and creative lives. For in truth, discomfort – be it emotional, mental, or physical – presents an opportunity for us to re-member ourselves, i.e. to reunite our two bodies to our original divine soul-body unity, which is a purpose for/of living.

As stated above, our purpose of living is to detach from the black and white model and instead bring together our two natures to clean out our own dark debris and to create a body of light so that we may sanctify our life and this beautiful earth as well. By making ourselves sacred we effectively return to our origin, our Source of life, to reunite with God while joining in a harmonious relationship with our “neighbors,” the brotherhood of all.

What I teach is how we can fuse our physical and interior bodies to live an unconditioned life in which we have freedom in thought, feeling, and action. To learn more about how you can find unity, watch my lecture on youtube, or listen to the entire-talk on sound cloud