Rainbow Bridge of Hope

Develop Hope
  • Close your eyes and breathe out a long, slow exhalation through the mouth, followed by a brief or normal inhalation through the nose. Do this three times.
  • Imagine crossing a rainbow bridge.
  • Climb by any means you need through each section of color, one at a time.
  • At each color become that color. What feelings and sensations do you experience?
  • What aspect of your soul, your invisible nature, does each color give you?
  • Breathe out one time between the colors.
  • When reaching through the final color, find yourself at the end of the rainbow full of hope, seen now as your own inner rainbow.  
  • Breathe out one time and discover there what awaits you for your new future.
  • Breathe out and open your eyes

                                         Excerpted from We Are Not Meant to Die