Redeeming Ourselves: Giving Credit to Our Source.

Two thousand years ago, a sage noted in the  hebraic wisdom book, Sayings (Ethics) of the Fathers, that the world can only be redeemed by giving credit to our Source. In other words, the first step in saving our world is to start acknowledging a higher reality, cosmic consciousness, God, the One Mind, or whatever words you wish. To acknowledge the Source above, we start by giving credit to our sources here on earth. For if we can’t give credit to your sources here on earth, how can you give credit to our Source above?

Giving Credit Here on Earth

Not giving credit to the source violates three of the 10 Cosmic Laws (and their actional components called the 10 Commandments) the 8th law – stealing; the 9th law – bearing false witness (lying); and the 6th law – murder.  (For a full discussion of the 10 commandments read Chapter  3 of Healing Into Immortality)

 Daily in my practice, I have seen the devastating effects in individuals whose work was stolen, (not given credit or compensation), and who suffered serious illness and death in consequence.  One outstanding example was that of a woman whose screenplay was stolen and made into a hit movie for which she received no credit. She suffered breast cancer directly afterwards and died six months later. One week later her husband jumped out the window; one week following that her elder son followed dad in his suicide jump out the window.

Without acknowledging our Source above, the world turns to shambles as individuals and groups vie for power and control over others. We witness this daily in the  global mayhem and murder that besiege us. For example, the  deceptions  & lies (9th law) foisted on us by the institutions of  big business, government and the military work together to sacrifice young men’s lives to war  in order to control, dominate and subjugate the masses of humanity.   Blessedly, concurrent with this deterioration, there is an opposite force of emerging in the younger generation:  an elevation of higher consciousness & awareness that is spreading from the youth upwards. For the first time in history society as a whole is waking up.  

 Giving Credit to the Source Above

 Two eminent scientists, Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose, have begun to acknowledge is the existence of something beyond the physical realm that influences us and seems to have a reality beyond the boundaries of what can be gleaned by the tenets of physical science.  Penrose is challenging the Big Bang Theory’s primacy, while Hawking is finding many similarities between the realms of science [natural science] and something beyond -  called religion, God, Spirit, or  some invisible essence.  

Their next step is to give credit to our  spiritual savants of yore that transmitted this knowledge to humanity four to six millennia ago. These modern scientists need to cede their place and stature to those ancient giants such as Moses and  his “#1 Times best-seller” called the Torah (The Pentateuch).  This acknowledgment can correct modern  society’s  inappropriate worship of modern scientists as the arbiters of reality and of technological advances as the sole answer to our global problems (a violation of the 2nd law – neither erect nor bow down before idols/external authorities).

Becoming our own Authority in Searching out Our Source Above

When we designate others as our authorities, we  cut off our  own investigations, leaving it in the hands of others, who become the arbiters of truth.  Doing so makes us slaves once again.  We can find the truth of everything by our personal experimentation as true scientists searching for knowledge and truth. Remember that natural science is only one way, but by no means the only one, to make discoveries. Certainly, for a community wedded to its “investment” in the validity of natural science, Hawkins and Penrose can actively point out that doubt needs to be cast on the absolute statements of the relative sciences regarding how things are.  Finally, they can lead the way back to the spiritual sciences: to ancient sources who discuss the cosmology of the universe, Big Bang or not; and to modern sources who can delineate the limits of scientific knowledge while elucidating the similarities and dissimilarities between science and spirit. In this way, we can each come to know where we stand in the world – what we are here for on Earth, what is our purpose and mission.