Redefining "Nowhere"

The term “nowhere” defines a non-spatial referent.  There is no location specified and refers to what exists “outside” the dimensional space bounded as that is by height, width, depth.  As such, nowhere is actually no-where.  The imaginal  existence discovered through the process of mental imagery actually has no residence.  It belongs to no-where, making it independent of and not associated with a spatial location, nor conditioned upon any spatial boundary to confirm its legitimacy, authenticity or meaningfulness.   

Now, my son Max said to me that he realized nowhere is also “now here”, collapsing the term not only to no dimensional location, but also to a timeless approbation of presence of the present.  This thought propels us out of time and space simultaneously as a synthesis of time and space subserving those two and creating a transcendent third.


Just as a sidebar I encourage you to listen to the words of the Rodgers and Hart classic song “Out of Nowhere”.  Music often says it all.