The Revelatory World of Dreams

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Physician & Patient
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1/1983 (exact date unknown)
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Dr. Epstein presents a brief overview of  the history of dreams & how to read the messages they bring to enrich your life. In contrast to Freud's limited understanding of dreams as mere wish fulfillments, every element of a dream reflects some aspect of the dreamer, so the dreamer is actually looking into a mirror. The language of dreams can be quite concrete and colloquial speaking in the vernacular. They reveal inner guides, problem solve, signal a health issue. "For example, if the dream takes place in the past, it pertains to the influence of the past on the present. For instance, if a man of 40 dreams that he is in high school at age 14 and meets his high school principal with whom he feels fearful, very likely in the face of authority he still responds as a 14-year-old rather than as a mature adult."