Reversing the Dog-Eat-Dog Mentality

Turning towards Spirit means turning away from the dog-eat-dog mentality that is built into the fabric of a purely materialist worldview.

Michael A Cremo[1] explains:

"[Based upon a Darwinian evolutionary understanding]…. many scientists today believe that we are simply machines made of molecules in competition with each other for survival.  A few billion years ago, according to this belief, the first simple biological machines came into existence. Then they evolved, by purely material processes, into more complex forms, including, fairly recently, the human form. 

If this is true, we are purely material beings in competition with others for survival; and our values and goals become very materialist. People, influenced by their leaders, think that producing and consuming more and more material things, in competition with each other, individually and collectively, is the main purpose of human existence.  The result is violence on all levels of human society, environmental destruction, and unjust distribution of wealth and resources."

Five Dark Currents of Will

From the western spiritual perspective, Darwinism embraces the five dark currents of will: To Take; To Hold onto (at the expense of others); To Keep; To Advance (at the expense of others); and the Desire to Be Great.  It trades on logic at the expense of all other modes of perception and truth such as intuition.

On a personal level, embracing this dog-eat-dog worldview leads to dread, distress and pain – physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and morally – that culminates in our physiologically breakdown and decay that leads to death in the time-space world. 

Five Light Currents of Will 

How to reverse this breakdown in ourselves? By adopting the five light currents of will: To Give; To Share; To Renounce; to Teach/Mentor; and To Be Humble. The world is our mirror, as we adopt this in ourselves, the world shifts as well.









[1] Cremo Michael. “The Forbidden Archaeologist.”  Atlantis Rising. Number 119

September/October 2016 19.