Reversing the Generation's Apocalyptic Vision

There is an ongoing and overwhelming feeling of despair about the impending destruction of the world amongst post-college, early twenties men and women. The feeling states associated are a deep angst, fear, worry about making a living, no hope, amongst others.

The younger generation is witnessing a global entropy: breakdowns, decomposition, and environmental devastation. It is unfortunate that this breakdown is sucking the joy and vitality out of life.  We attempt to keep their spirits up, like my wife and I do for our two children, who are existentially pondering their fate at too early an age (twenty-two, eighteen).

However, there is light at the end of this dark tunnel, a rainbow of hope filling the sky.  These young ones are beginning to question the worship of Mammon, the god of greed, avarice, wealth, and evil.  Does it really have value?  There is another value system that replaces the quest for mammon and brings us together in love, collaboration, conscience, sharing, and truth.  Here we put our faith in God in and intangible reality. Turning away from Mammon by following the 10 Cosmic Laws, and therefore coming back into harmony with God. The young men and women will provide the groundswell to reverse this entropy.