Reversing Trauma Exercise

To change the memory of traumatic event
  • Close your eyes and breathe out a long, slow exhalation followed by a brief or normal — not exaggerated — inhalation.
  •  Imagine yourself at the traumatic scene at or about the moment of impact.  Breathe out once slowly and imagine a light coming to you either from within or without. 
  • Then reverse the memory of that moment in any way that you might. We are not dealing with the fact of that moment, but with the memory of the moment.  This is imagination, and anything can happen.  There are no “rules” such as those pertaining to our time-space everyday reality. 
  • When the reverse/change/shift/undoing takes place at the feeling and physical sensation coming along with that, keep it for yourself, noting the new feeling and physical sensation, and breathe out and open your eyes.  

Repeat this exercise each morning upon awakening for twenty-one straight days.  If you miss, start from the beginning.  Do it for seven seconds, knowing the traumatic effects are vanishing. If the effects disappear before twenty-one days, stop the exercise.