Rosh Hashanah - The Trumpet's Call of the Jewish New Year

The trumpets are blowing summoning all souls to come back to their holiness. For some, holiness is natural to their being honest, truthful, genuine and pure of heart.  For others, it is a reminder to return to the side of their nature that they have forgotten being lured by the seductions of money, wealth and greed.  

 The trumpet is called the Shofar or ram’s horn in this tradition. The Shofar’s sound is also a call to another deep meaning of this time of renewal, that of forgiveness.  The month preceding Rosh Hashanah, as well as the 10 days that follow, call us to this action -- an essential function for healing ourselves. This call is to remember to forgive, particularly by approaching others asking for their forgiveness for wrongs we may have committed against them. It goes something like this “if I’ve offended or hurt you this past year, please forgive me.” It does not matter what the response might be!  You’ve done your part, sincerely, genuinely, truthfully, with purity of heart and honesty. 

Here is an imagery exercise for you to meet the New Year by Colette

The Shofar 

Sit up straight in your chair. Close your eyes and breathe out three times slowly.

Imagine you are swimming up a fast river, under the current, sensing that you are cleansed inside-out.

Breathe out one time.

Having reached the source of the river, at the place where the water emerges out of the rock, empty out your pockets and bag, and laying quietly in this water, drink from the source.

Sense that all the impulses that prevent you from ascending are being removed.

Breathe out one time.

Find underneath some nearby stones, the Shofar (the ram's horn), hidden there since the destruction of the second Temple. Take the Shofar and blow it. Blow it three more times, louder each time.

Breathe out one time.

The vibration of the sound moves the air and the water of the river and extends to the very horizon. Feel the vibrations of the sound and air swirl inside of you like a whirlpool cleansing out the toxins from your body.

Do it again. The second time finishes the cleansing.

Do it again. The third time puts everything back into place in harmony and peace.

Breathe out one time.

Feel that you are now free of limitations. Sense that whatever the ailment or the physical, emotional or mental difficulty you have had is healing when you ask the people around you for forgiveness.

Breathe out and open your eyes.