The Skeptics Stumbling Block: The Truth of Subjective Reality

     The difficulty with the skeptical  world is that it is exclusionary, driven by a materialist philosophy based on this foundational principle:  Only tangible physicality, perceptible to sensory awareness- driven by logic- in the quantitative reality that is measurable, calculable, and quantifiable is real. Thus, only material experience is real, and these translate into material facts that exist.  After all, airplanes exist and do fly.  Now, what is available to sensory awareness in the physical world is not to be denied; it reflects one of the two truths. 

     The other truth is the stumbling block for the skeptics.  For we spiritual types come from an inclusionary perspective embracing the factual truth of objective material perception as well as the truth of subjective reality. This second truth is apprehendable to each of us when we turn our  sensory awareness inward to reveal other realities. Realities that are as true as those of external reality. Where our senses are is where the truth lies. This means whatever the sense discover is where I - the self - am. I can discover and dwell in our seemingly shared waking reality, as well as memory, reverie, imaginal realities or even hallucinatory and delusional realities. They all exist. I am wherever I am that my senses take me to.  All dimensional realities exist. We can choose to enter any one of them as we choose. The question isn’t whether those realities exist. Rather, the question is whether the information imparted there is true or false. Reality and truth are not the same.  

     Given this spiritual point, I can comment about the movie “Inception” and the glaring and misleading errors fostered with that movie going public. During that movie two falsehoods were reiterated and repeated:  1) Dreams are not real;  2) we create rather than discover the dream. Several times in the film, a distinction was made between the dream and “reality” of waking life; or ‘in the dream, but in real life.....’

     From a conventional view, dreams are not real, so it is natural to place humans in the position of the Creator, and as such the creator of dreams rather than the self who discovers another dimensional reality where messages from this dimensional reality are received and experienced. Understood this way, the dream is your book of life revealed in an image language I term “inner hieroglyphs” (picture language). Dream experience is an act of discover, not one that is created.