Spiritual Adultery: Choosing and Sticking with a Spiritual Path

Colette taught me early on that it was fine to window shop different spiritual paths, but by age 42, choose one and dig deeply into it. While rummaging through papers, I came across this paragraph I had earmarked many years ago.

It’s in line with Colette's teachings and mirrors my own understanding.  

For the ‘outsider’ who has made a connection with a long-standing tradition, several things can happen. He can go along with it to find out if it suits his needs, or move on to another, having at least identified his question and its possible answer. This can lead to a new problem in that he can wander from teacher to teacher to hear different versions of the same answer so that he never really commits himself to any approach, and these people make no progress. In some cases, the person drifts through a whole lifetime becoming much more confused by different terms and techniques for the same thing. This phenomenon relates to the commandment ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’ which refers to the weakening, by mixing, of any pure relationship with anything, be it a person, tradition or God. The only solution is to be fully involved with one line and follow it right through. Nothing less will work. 

Source: Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, Adam & the Kabbalistic Tree (1974) p. 267, Print