Spiritual Matchmaking Through Archetypes

There have been quite a number of ways for matching men and women together over the centuries, nay millennia.  While I teach a number of ways, here’s one method that I’ve originated based on  “archetypes”. Here, archetypes mean an ideal example, model or quintessence.  These archetypes are based on the work of Toni Grant, a Jungian therapist who wrote a book outlining four main female archetypes: Amazon, Mother, Wise Woman and Courtesan. The latter being a woman of the court, who embodies beauty, courtesy, sensuality, and whose focus is on pleasing men. The extreme of this type is a prostitute whose aim is strictly linked to sensuality and sexuality for financial gain. The male counterparts (not from Toni Grant) are Warrior, Father, Wise Man, and Lover. These eight are readily recognizable in ourselves and/or others, and you may have experienced a particular feeling consonant with each type. 

In male-female relationships, each partner looks generally for the archetype perceived as lacking in him or herself. Almost everyone feels a lack in at least one of the four and wants to find a partner who fulfills these lacks. Together they then form a unity giving each other what they need.