Spiritual Talk from the West about Love

Mythological creation stories contain messages of truth. In Genesis, the Western Spiritual tradition tells of the planetary development and life on Earth (the formation of men and women). Adam and Eve, our homosapien ancestors, came to live in a world of perfection already prepared for our descent onto it.  Into this perfected Garden of Eden existence came the endmost perfected creatures – us! 

This means we are the perfection of creation.  We are the tree that is the fruit of Divine Will. Perfect in ourselves, we are, in other words, the Tree of Life: we need nothing to be added to us, nor can anyone nor anything subtract from us. 

You may think this is sheer arrogance or folly. Surely we are puny creatures with faults a plenty, imperfect, and flawed. Yet, this is the very trick played on us by the dark forces of destruction/death to give us the impression that we are not enough, or sufficient. 

We have been conditioned to believe that we need to be added onto by the world — others’ flattery, compliments, adoration, for example;  or threatened by the world — others threatening to take away love or setting up conditions or demands for us to fulfill to get that love. That’s a game we are bound to lose, the error already in place. 

It is impossible for anyone or anything on this earth that can add to or subtract from us.  We are the Tree that is fruit . . . the Tree of Life.  

If we are imperfect, then we have touched and eaten from the other tree in our garden of life: the tree of knowledge, the tree of doubt and duality – that bears fruit but is not fruit. This latter tree always needing further development toward perfection, never satisfied that wears us down by the constant need for more, better and different. Why in the world do I want to eat from a death tree? 

Spiritual life is the Tree of Life, the heart of love, a stream of blissful consciousness streaming from the heart of Divine Consciousness to our heart.  The celestial Tree that is fruit is giving life to our heart. 

Do we return this love?  Or, do we go on turning away to continue believing we’ll get that love from the death world, to which we have given ourselves over?

The answer:  love! We are already in possession of it.  Give it to others.  Give it to Divine Will.  Give it to yourself.  Love wants not.  Nothing can rupture or fracture it.  It is our “diamond” core curriculum of life. 

But, we don’t have to sell it! 

First, become love, loving, that feeling, nothing more.  Are we here to love?  Yes!  Even for the heartless who have not been able to live lovingly or lawfully.  Even they have had someone or something to love somewhere in life.  We all know or have known the feeling of love. 

Imagery Exercise: The Bridge of Love

  • Close your eyes
  • Breathe out three times slowly
  • See a bridge of love streaming a light from your heart to the heart of some being or creature whom you love.  Get that feeling and physical sensation. Keep it for yourself.
  • Breathe out once and open your eyes.