Taming Hurricane Irma

Imagery is a form of non-verbal prayer.

There is a large body of research showing the efficacy of communal prayer in creating physiological change in individuals suffering with life threatening illnesses – even when they did not know they were being prayed for. Likewise, imagery can be used to help shift global events as well. Many participate in these prayer groups. 

Here is an imagery to help diffuse the power of Hurricane Irma, modified from an imagery that my beloved teacher, Colette, taught me. 

Intention: To dissipate the force of the hurricane

Frequency: Morning and Night until the Hurricane leaves shore.   

  • Close your eyes and breathe out and in three times slowly.
  • See the hurricane from above.
  • Now, quickly tie it up in a Gordian knot (i.e. a knot that cannot be undone),
  • See this knot holding the hurricane’s force within itself propelling it eastward to the ocean far from land where it dissipates its force and disappears.
  • Breathe out and open your eyes.