Teachers and Gurus

In the Western traditions, there are no gurus (breakers of ignorance/dispellers of darkness).  There are simply teachers.  They communicate their wisdom and understanding to you and love for you with the intent of preserving your freedom, not to become objects of worship, and to essentially get out of the way, out of your way.  There is no “pomp and circumstance,” no strewn flower petals, incense, thrones.  There is no burning down, no tithing of resources, no building of sumptuous and lavish digs. The aim is toward a simple life:  roof over the head, food on the table, some simple clothing to wear.  No excesses.  Everything in moderation.  The five light currents of will prevail:  to give, share, renounce, teach, and to be humble.  The teacher gives classes but refrains from creating an institution, which itself forges a hierarchy wherein there is the danger of incurring envy and jealousy, backbiting and destructive competition.  Rather, a loose affiliation of friends is formed, ready to help each other when and if called upon, each respecting each other and respecting the teacher.  The committed students stand ready to serve the minimal needs of the teacher, and when ready, to go out to teach what they have learned.