Dear Dr. Epstein: I just finished listening to your video in Youtube titled. Heart Health: Using Your Mind to Help Heal Your Heart, and can say that I now know I found my healing: the kind of work you do.Everything you said resonated with me fully and I could clearly see the whole picture of how I got to where I am with my health... The various bodily ailment issues I have, with my 'heart' leading the way, is due to the same ONE CAUSE. I cannot express the joy of the sense of "relief" I already got with this awareness. I have been reading on spirituality and consciousness and self-creating-reality for a number of years and in the end with everything I learned I had to find you and your work. I know I now know how to heal myself. Thank you and Blessings -- A.A., Canada

Dear Jerry: This week at church, we celebrated the feast of the Epiphany; and of how the Magi were led by the Star. Thank you for being the star that has guided me toward many quiet epiphanies. You have been a great gift in my life. With deep gratitude.  -- JMS, Social Worker

Dear Dr. Epstein. These three words perk up my day when I receive an email or letter from one of you.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to touch lives through my books, audio and teachings. Here are some of my favorite postings. If you want to share your story, please email me or post on our Facebook page.

This Heartfelt Gratitude for the Blessing to sit in your Presence this coming year. The materials we have been studying from your book Healing Visualization are both ground breaking and life changing. As this one continues to walk this Magical journey I will keep these priceless tools at the forefront and look forward to incorporating these techniques in Service to my clients. --Tess, Dental Hygienist

I would like to thank you. We used your book Healing Visualizations at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, NM. I have used your techniques several times with my clients. Used it on the airplane to heal headaches my passengers had and over the phone to heal colds, all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. --David, Airline Pilot

Healing Visualizations is one of the finest readings I’ve ever experienced. The information has been a true blessing. I look forward to your presentation in December 2014 at the IBH symposium. Perhaps we’ll have the opportunity to meet. ---Verlaine L., Law Enforcement

It is my greatest pleasure to have benefited from the compelling work that you have already done, to teach me and other like myself, how to heal others who are in great need. I would also like to thank you for your time and effort in December in presenting at the IBH symposium to give a more full representation of the powerful work that you do everyday. -- Andrew B.,  Opera Singer

Thank you for your Light and Gifting Your Imagery work and pathway illumines the potential for a New Earth Healing modality. --Robert D., Author

Thank you so much for your beautiful work Healing Visualizations. I have found it to be an essential and fantastic part of my education here at the Academy and has given me a new perspective on the use, beauty, and spirit of visualization in healing. I so hope you are able to come to our symposium this year. Thank you. -- Jen B, Paramedic 

I was thrilled to hear from Tim and Angela that you will be at the Symposium this December. I believe in the healing power of imagery and have and am studying your work. Thank you for your research and dedication to indirect imagery. When hospitalized this past July I used the concept for a quick recovery. -- Jamie R., Massage Therapist 

I am a student at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America and was reading your book Healing Visualizations last night. Besides it being resourceful and inspiring for the studies, on a more personal note I would like to thank you for visualizations on anger and self-doubt, which helped me a lot to deal with those feelings head on. -- Natasha R., Social Worker

So much gratitude to you for sharing your wisdom generously. I’ve had the pleasure of attending a couple of your classes at the Open Center and one of your Saturday Night Salons. I’m looking forward to hearing more from you. -- Jennifer O., Dental Hygienist

I thank you, Dr. Epstein for planting the beautiful gold heart firmly in the palm of my hand.  Like a rite of passage, I thus connect to the work! It lays here, now! It begs that I seek,  that I learn,  that I grow roots from the golden heart  nourished by GOD, the farmer of LOVE.  My "new" heart gives THANKS!  SHALOM to you and those you love ! -Jackie B.

Dear Dr. J: Thanks for the AMAZING session! It's still settling in, the experience was an is INCREDIBLY POWERFUL!...I'm doing the visualizations we've created. This morning when I opened my eyes afterwords, I saw an essay on Facebook from my niece describing her expereince of climbing to the top of a tree: "...how metaphoric, that I do not dare to go up to the very top, where I now could, because I am afraid that I can not come down.." Hmmmmmm....talking about generational healing :) - Andrea S.

...Will you please keep coming to the [Hypotherapy] Academy [of America] to speak? Your talk via skype to our module 2 class was riveting. Thank you so much for taking the time to address us. I was also priveledge to see/hear you speak at the annual Symposium in May via skype. Your suggestion to draw as well as write about dreams in a dream journal is an interesting approach. It helps me get closer to the experience and, most of all, the message. Thanks, again - Kathryn S.