For Thanksgiving – Bread of the Earth Imagery Exercise

For Thanksgiving

Close your eyes.

Breathe out three times slowly, long slow exhalations, normal inhalations.

Imagine yourself in a field of wheat carrying a basket woven from a natural fiber.

Fill the basket with grains of pure golden wheat.  Whatever overflows leave for the birds and animals.  Return to your farmhouse and go inside.  In the middle of the floor is a large table, hand grinder, and rolling pin.  Grind the wheat into flour, preparing the dough.  Knead and roll it into a loaf of bread.  After, put the loaf in an open hearth alongside the table.  Look after the baking, and when it is done take it out.  See the steam vapors emanating from the golden brown crust and smell the fresh aroma of the baked bread. Distribute pieces of the bread to your family and friends to enjoy the bread of the earth.  Give thanks for this bounty and for the benefits you have enjoyed in this gift called Life.

Breathe out and open your eyes.