Tips for Manifestation

This past week (2/18/2022) marked three years since Jerry departed. For him,  mental imagery  was the premiere vehicle for manifesting our dreams and hopes. He called it the magic of "making inside out." 

Feeling blue today? Open your blue sky umbrella. Feeling hopeless? Swallow a rainbow. Feeling heart broken? Remove the arrows of hurt from your heart. Feeling Creative? Go to your inner room of creativity. Looking for a new job? Go to your inner communications tower to spread the good news. 

And to concretize and further mobilize all this creative transformation, he would gift you small tokens to remind & reinforce your intention --- golden hearts (to remember your connection of love), bird whistles (to call in your true love); worry dolls for under your pillow (to sleep peacefully); and chickens - albeit plastic ones - that lay golden eggs (for conceiving babies and other creative endeavors). 

Wishing to hone your intuition by seeking guidance from the Tarot, Angel Cards, the I Ching, or a pendulum? He always cautioned, "don't ask if you're not going to follow the input." 

While Jerry is no longer here in body, he left many books and CDs to show us the way to become our own magicians of life.