Total Solar Eclipse – Spiritual Implications

The Total Solar Eclipse – Spiritual Implications 

Some people have asked me my take on the solar eclipse.  An eclipse of the sun brings darkness and the cutting off of our physical source of our life. The events of the past couple of years have brought with it dark days and the growing rise of hyper-materialism, robotic life, heartlessness, and hate that has seemed to come into its full bloom by the advent of this total eclipse that it appears to symbolize.  

On the reverse side of this equation, in spiritual terms, this total eclipse, heralds the onset of what is termed “the end of days”, or the coming of the Great Sabbath of the earth. 

The Sabbath reflects the occasion where God rested from creating, i.e., where linear time and dimensional space cease, as these are the basic elements needed for creation; and by extension, human creativity in our time-space world. 

With the Sabbath, the emphasis is on the cessation of the awareness of linear time of the past and future, and focuses instead on non-linear, no time, moment-to-moment awareness. 

The sun is the symbol of linear time. Its development in human life is the clock (e.g., the sundial) with its progression and sequencing of time from past to future by us individually and collectively.

  The sun is gold and symbolizes the material life that is, likewise, wholly tied to the future. In contrast, the moon is silver and is the symbol of intuition. This thinking into the moment (not into the future or past) is called intuitive. 

On August 21, 2017, the moon eclipsing the sun reflects an imminent great elevation of consciousness. Our consciousness is aligning itself to an intuitive form of awareness that brings with it a new relationship of social experiences of love, friendship, truth, happiness, harmony and peace. 

The eclipse heralds a new age where intuition takes preeminent position in our lives. The sun culture of Pharaonic Egypt, one of hyper-materialism, expansionism, and slavery is to be replaced by a spiritually based culture established by the Israelite exodus out of slavery. That exodus brought about an experience of a direct connection to an invisible reality of one God as a preeminent force in our lives, while at the same time establishing a sensible relationship to the simple pleasures of material life.  

Not to despair, these dark days agur a period of violence, hatred, and destruction in the world. Out of its ashes emerges this grand new consciousness -- a new age where intuition takes preeminent position in our lives.