Touch the Sun


In spiritual medicine, the sun is used as a warm, healing salve. On the day of the summer solstice, take time to replenish and reinvigorate your energy and well-being.


Intention: Do this on the day of the summer solstice. Afterwards, step outside and bathe in the rejeuvenating light of the sun for 20 minutes. 


Close your eyes and breathe in and out three times.

Imagine yourself standing in a large open field of green grass. See yourself stretching up toward the bright golden sun in a cloudless blue sky. See your arms becoming very long, stretching, palms up, toward the sun. 

The sun's rays come into your palms and circulate the the palms and fingers and beyond the fingertips so that there is a ray beyond each fingertip.

Now turn your hands toward your body, placing them on your solar plexis (right below your sternum). 

Sense the healing rays of the sun from the solar plexus penetrating your torso, spreading its warmth throughout the body, melting any discomfort or pain.

Feel the life force restoring your health.

 Breathe out and open your eyes.