Turn Back the Clock with Your Mind

Wow! I just read a great New York Times article “What if Age Is Nothing but a Mind-Set?”  which reports on the work of Dr. Ellen Langer, a Harvard University psychologist. 

Dr. Langer’s social psychology experiments demonstrate the power of beliefs, the unity of every moment and the possibility of reversing the habitual human experience of aging. 

            What delights me is that Dr. Langer’s work dovetails with findings from my clinical work spanning the last 40 years.

 While Dr. Langer uses non-habitual physical settings to shift beliefs and physiology, my work has centered on shifting the ageing process through new mindscapes – via mental imagery.

            Through imagery we have the capacity to escape the trap and tentacles of linear time in which we carry a self-created entropic image/belief of breakdown, decomposition, decay, and ultimately death.  

When we engage in imagery, we re-imagine ourselves, simultaneously shifting our beliefs. Because we are a mindbody unity, our bodies and physiology follow suite. 

            In addition to mental imagery, my GEMS model of Healthcare provides a new education derived from the spiritual precepts of the West. 

GEMS incorporates a unitive understanding of our experience in the world in which our social relationships, mental, emotional, physical, and moral lives are all of a piece.  Here we use our heart and will to live in a new way where the possibility for extended life, health, wholeness and holiness attend us.