Verticality – The Axis of Freedom

The axis of freedom known transculturally throughout all the world traditions is the vertical. It seems natural to consider this direction as representative of freedom because to this direction is free from the pull of terrestrial gravity that keeps us rooted to the earth. In contrast, terrestrial gravity is connected with the horizontal dimension, the one of unfreedom.

Verticality is not bound by the laws of terrestrial gravity in the inner forum of consciousness. Within the imaginal existence and experience of consciousness we are permitted to descend vertically into the very depths of the darkness of being as an act of self–discovery. After plumbing the depths of self we can then ascend to the heights of the light of transcendent experience to seek toward our unitive oneness with the All. In/through verticality we are not bound by linear time or dimensional space. The function of imagination practice (short imagery exercises, longer guided imagery experience, extended waking dream exploration) is to take us into this realm of freedom. Imaginal existence is itself derived from the direction of liberation and freedom ⁄ verticality. Imagery is not bound by the laws of logic and its associated syntax and grammar, which is the basic language of horizontal reality.

I’ve written an entire book on this subject called Waking Dream Therapy: Unlocking The Secrets Of Self Through Dreams & Imagination, available on this website.