We Are Not Meant To Die

This fall, Dr. Jerry's newest book will debut. Here's a short summary of the book.

We are Not Meant to Die:  Spiritual Secrets of Longevity to Reverse Our Attachment to the Inevitability of Death brings findings in modern science together with the perennial wisdom of the Western spiritual tradition to demonstrate the rationale for both longevity and even the possibility of immortality in human life.  Whether we achieve immortality or not, we can each learn to live freer, unconditioned lives grounded in the present moment. 

After decades of research and study, Dr. Gerald Epstein – a world renowned authority in the field of mental imagery & techniques for self-growth – reveals the errors of living that wear us down and age us as well as the corrections that we can apply in our daily lives to promote longevity, harmony and fulfillment.  All the practices are easy to learn and apply, especially since one need only use one technique/method in a dedicated way to take aim at this possibility.

We Are Not Meant To Die presents a sober, reasoned, coherent plan for life extension -  and possibly immortality -  melding science and spirit and providing every reader with something of value to use and experiment with to discover the truth for him or herself. 

 Insights: Why Dr. Gerald Epstein Wrote This Book

As a physician, healer, teacher, researcher and initiate of the Western Spiritual Tradition (since 1974), I have an unusual and extensive background in the functions and workings of mental life. I have dedicated 50 years to the study of healing through the mind, and 41 years to the revitalizing the practices of the Western Spiritual Tradition for today.  

For me, the exploration of mental life and the mind began with my years of training and clinical work in psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and later phenomenology.  This background acted as a bridge to investigating Western spirituality to discover its deepest reaches of knowledge, the centerpiece of which is the overcoming of death, framed by longevity and resurrection.

I’ve taken what I have learned and translated it into an applied therapeutics that has helped legions of people here and around the world, not only through my clinical practice, but also training healthcare professionals in my New York State Regents chartered post-graduate training institute (AIMI). In addition through my books, audio, CDs, radio, TV, social media and web interviews I have reached many more.

I am grateful to my teachers that have proceeded me - both living and dead -  that have helped me on my journey by sharing their knowledge, wisdom and love.  In turn, I hope to convey to my readers how to "be the tree of life and to eat of the tree of life."