We Are Not Meant To Die

Summer 2017 release of Dr. Jerry Epstein's  new book

All the practices presented within this book teach you to return to the is-ness of the moment, away from the ever-distracting noises that keep you rooted to the nonexistent past and future. All act to increase longevity, change your habitual response to the daily shocks of life, and reframe your purpose in living.

My work has always been aimed at providing a new education to people as they discover the physiological, mental and emotional benefits of embracing these practices in our daily lives. They are easy to learn and apply, especially since one need only use one technique/method in a dedicated way to take aim at this possibility. 

Thus, We Are Not Meant To Die presents a sober, reasoned, coherent plan for longevity and immortality that melds science and spirit to provide each of us with something of value to use and experiment with. In this way, we each become true scientists, seekers of knowledge, engaged in discovering the truth for ourselves.

This book also touches on my new health care model – actually a return to the ancient model - that embraces the knowledge that surrounding our material realm of existence is an invisible, spiritual realm. This infinite realm informs our everyday “reality” which is limited and bound by time and space. 

For the past four centuries, the west has been enthralled with the material world, searching out and dissecting its hidden mysteries. In the process, we have forgotten we are interconnected - to the matrix of life on this planet, to our fellow humanity and to the invisible realms.

To save ourselves from ecological and atomic destruction, we need a new vision of ourselves within the cosmos; one that can replace our hunger to dominate and control others with a desire to love and collaborate. To accomplish this requires embracing a new ethical and social outlook on life. Within these pages we explore what this concretely means, how this relates to our health, and how to practically implement this in our daily lives.  

Finally, in this model of healthcare as we individually seek to restore ourselves to health and lengthen our lifespans, we simultaneously repair and restore our social, environmental community so that we attain not only peace on earth and good will towards man but the great Sabbath of the Earth where Edenic consciousness is lived moment to moment in the realm of no-time, and no decay.