What Is The Difference Between Mental Imagery and Dreams?


A student at my Institute was trying to define with me the difference between a mental imagery experience and dream imagery, particularly in describing these imaginal events  out loud in a group setting, such as happens in my group imagery and group dream classes held in NYC. 

As we talked, it came to me that mental imagery is an active conscious discovery of a dream in waking life that is brought to birth in conscious awareness as a lucid event. In this process, your will takes your five senses and turns them inward under the domain of the inner sixth sense called “imagination,” which subsumes and transcends them as an inner light piercing the darkness of storehouse consciousness to become aware of this repository of inner knowledge.  From that point, this lucid waking dream is received, brought back here to become  a direct part of and to inform everyday experience. You are now becoming the active author of your life. 

Our night dreams show us what is possible for us right now. We turn our senses inwardly as a “passive” response to the receding of will from everyday experience and we go into a state of quiet repose to enter another living reality, as real as waking life, where we can make contact with another reality and discover what messages are being revealed to us and what reflections of ourselves we can find and read in these precious hieroglyphs – images of truths available to us.

Mind is the link between invisible and visible reality: Both active lucid waking dream imagery (aka mental imagery)  and visions of the night (dreams) are elements of the natural and true language of the invisible reality carried to our visible perceptual reality in that channel of communication between the two realities called “mind.”  As mind reaches us, the depot for its journey, we receive the communication(s) where we read them, use them and follow their instructions. As the Talmud stated, an unexamined dream is like an un opened letter. Alternatively, we can permit the inner saboteurs, (the inner terrorists) to intercept them, dispose of them and lead us to believe they have no value. This ridiculous notion has been  reinforced by those in power (natural science, conventional medicine, standard educational system, etc) who hinder our gaining personal liberation and freedom.  Pay no mind to them. Rather pay mind to your inner voices of freedom.