What is mental or guided imagery?

Imagery is the mind thinking visually in pictures. There are many ways we can think. For example, we think logically with words and non–logically through image, intuition, etc. We think in images all the time, but may not be aware of it. For instance, when we choose a shirt we are already envisioning ourselves in it before we put it on. A basketball player envisions the shoot before s/he shoots the ball. In fact, images form the structure of our inner life. For example, night dreams come in the form of images.

The power of mental imagery is unparalleled in our world. Imagery is a mental process that shows us new ways to approach life and life's problems: reestablish meaningful relationships, change destructive habits, open up avenues of creative power, access inner reservoirs of power that are the life force for our collective good. 

It is a unique process in that it is independent of any external influence or intervention, and at the same instant is naturally integrated with our physical functioning as a biological-mental unity, a wholeness that is naturally healing for us. Imagery brings together the five most significant facets of our life: physical, emotional, mental, social, moral. All of this happens by going inward to ourselves through the inherently available power of imagery.