What's Missing in Solution Based Healthcare

Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis have been created to be solution-based methods, essentially to solve problems.  As such they offer some benefits and value as temporary measures to right our “ship of life.”

However, as with all solution-based approaches to life, be they in the medical arts, political arena, business boardrooms, theological palliatives, governmental initiatives, military actions, materialistic science prescriptions, these solutions generally create another problem.  There are so many examples around us to undeniably validate this point (read any newspaper any day).

What is missing with all these institutional models are models or paradigms of prevention and maintenance of balance. In the medical arts, the manifold techniques lack a path to unity and health wherein you become your own authority and guide. One needs to look inward, drawing on one’s intuition and one’s own knowledge before consulting outside authority as to what steps to take.

To go further, to provide maintenance and prevention possibilities, a paradigm shift is required, unlikely to happen in a solution-based therapy.  The shift is to a spiritually oriented direction that emphasizes education.  This educative function includes understanding and using the relationship characteristically existing between physical, emotional, mental, social, and moral factors, as a beginning point toward self-reflection. We must each come to understand our grander purpose on earth.