White Magicians & Black Magicians

White Magicians are those teachers or aware people who encourage you to find your individuation and make self–discovery through your own efforts. They know you have that power within to become your own authority. You become independent. They, in turn, have your best interests at heart.

Black Magicians are those who would like to dominate you and subvert your freedom. They appear as spokespeople for you, discouraging you from becoming your own authority, relying instead on their presumed authority to speak up for you and speak for you. You become dependent on them who, at base, do not have your best interests at heart, only their own.

The White Magicians instill hope, that inner light showing us a way out of the darkness through our own efforts.

The Black Magicians instill fear, that disabling feeling keeping us in the dark and having to depend on others to lead us out of that darkness, having no real desire to do so.

Understanding the above, reflect for a moment on what has transpired the past eight years – the Black Magicians voicing fear and threats of terrorism in contrast to what promises for the next eight years – White Magicians voicing hope and light for a brighter tomorrow… a way out of the darkness. People of Spirit are always working in that direction. Let’s see what happens.