The Womb of Consciousness

From a spiritual world view, each of us is the gardener of our lives. Macrocosmically, we plant the seeds or conceptions in our garden of consciousness. These conceptions eventually are birthed into our time–space existence as displays appearing to our external perceptions we call experience. These external perceptions, in turn, prompt us to take action in this time–space world.

This conceptualization to birthing is analogous to physical conception on a microcosmic (and microscopic) level. Like the seed created by the meeting of the sperm and egg, a conception is a germinated seed. This conceptual seed is then planted in what I coin the "womb of consciousness" – analogous to the sperm–egg seed planted in the womb of the woman. In the womb of consciousness, this seed gestates much as the seed in the woman’s womb gestates. This conceptual gestation acts as the placenta nourishing and giving form to the conception until it is birthed into the time–space existence. We internally perceive this conceptual gestation as an image in the womb of consciousness.

The moral of the story: Be aware of the seeds you are planting. Take responsibility for them; nurture the ones you want by perceiving them through the internal perception of image; and rid yourself of the seeds you don’t want, either by reversing them, or seeing yourself taking them out by any means you choose (in imagination anything is possible). Thereby, you are at once pro–choice and pro–life.