Your Mind Is An Elusive Critter

The mind is an elusive critter, but sometimes it needs to be coaxed into cooperating so our intentions and actions work in harmony. 

There are many figures of speech substantiating the mind’s existence:  “What do you have in mind?”  “You are in my mind!”  “My mind is elsewhere.”  These phrases can go on endlessly.  Some people we think are out of their mind!

Most people are in one or the other camp as to whether the mind is materialistic or spiritual.

 For those who subscribe to the predominant worldview, the concept is that the mind dwells in the brain. The less popular view, the one I subscribe to is that spiritually, the mind has two aspects

  • One, as an invisible “quality,” not open to measurement, in which brain is but a function of it, recognized as some mental functions.  Here, brain is located within mind. 
  • Two, as a channel of communication between invisible (not measurable, not quantifiable) reality and visible reality, called our material world with its own mental and physical standards.

This channel carries information from this reality to the material one as an inner-information superhighway.  The information carries to us in a manner that is perceived by our senses as three-dimensional forces called image, a language of symbols that contains the storehouse of knowledge about ourselves and the world, that can be taught, deciphered, and read just as any other type of language.  These informational hieroglyphs are filtered through the heart, our seat of love, emotion, and lust. The heart directs communication between ourselves and others in this socially shared time-space world. In turn, these messages are forwarded to the brain that both stores and sends these images or  “instagrams” to the rest of our somatic body.

In the spiritual world, this process has always been known as the Intelligence of the Heart.  This sacred language of imagery is always connected with the heart.  Not surprisingly, there are over 400 references to heart in the sacred literature of the West and none to the brain!  Likewise, in Oriental Medicine, the heart is king while the brain is relegated to a “curious organ.”  In contrast to the conventional medical model, the heart is an enduring flow of energy and life force, while the brain is a mechanical, robotically operating machine, a secondary organ, or limb of the heart — our Tree of Life.