Mental Imagery Exercises

Preparing for Mental Imagery

The mental imagery exercises below can be used to solve a variety of issues in your life.

Mental Imagery Exercisesort icon Intention Category
Little Boy Blue: Welcoming the Coronavirus Vaccine Maximize the effectiveness of the Coronavirus Vaccines, Reduce the "negative" side effects Coronavirus Vaccine side effects
Imagery Exercise for Kwanzaa Knowing Ourselves Through Seeking and Finding Winter Holiday Celebrations
Insomnia Exercise: The Meadow of Sleep To fall asleep & awake refreshed Insomnia, lying in bed awake, restless, trouble falling asleep
Addiction Exercise: The Golden Ladder To rid yourself of an addiction addictions, drinking, drugs, eating, money, sex, smoking
Alcohol and Drug Addiction Exercise: Seeing Straight To regain sobriety alcohol addiction, drinking too much, intoxication
Ark of Safety Develop Faith Doubt, Lack of Faith, Uncertainty
Be As A Tree Exercise Becoming the tree of your own life Tu B'shvat (arbor day) Exercise
Be as a Tree: for Healing and Detoxifying To Heal and Detoxify cancer, chemotherapy, disease, illness, radiation
Becoming One With Nature Connecting with nature; for Earth Day Celebrations, Arbor Day, Tu'beshvat, Gaia, Spring Equinox Earth Day Celebrations - Arbor Day, Gaia, Tu'beshvat
Bridge of Love Imagery Exercise to become loving Love
Care-Giver's Burnout Exercise: Encircled by Light To relieve care-giver's burnout burnout, caregiver, exhaustion, fatigue, stress, therapist
Cleaning the Airways An Imagery Exercise For Asthma or lung conditions Asthma, bronchial congestion, bronchitis, COPD, emphysema, lung congestion, lung cystic fibrosis
Cleansing Imagery Exercises for the Winter Holidays To cleanse ourselves and the world Chanukah, Christmas, cleansing, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Winter Holiday Celebrations
Clearing Up Chemo Brain To take away confusion, mental slowness, memory loss, and lack of concentration that accompanies chemotherapy cancer, Chemo brain
Cleasing Exercise for the month of Elul To Cleanse and Renew Ourselves cleansing, Elul, Holiday
Contented Heart Thanksgiving, cleansing depression
Cutting the Tie that Binds
Dousing the Wildfires To put out the wildfires in California and the Pacific Northwest Region of the USA and Cananda drought, global warming, wildfires
Easter Surprise Easter, Holiday
Exorcism An Imagery Exercise For Asthma
Find Your Valentine, Find Your Love To find your valentine boy friend, girl friend, mental imagery, true love, valentine, visualization
For Our Military Heroes : The Room of Silence To quell anxiety and reduce sensitivity to noise anxiety, military health, noise sensitivity, PTSD noise triggers, tinnitus
For Protection Against the Coronavirus To protect or heal from the coronavirus coronavirus, Healing, immunity
For Thanksgiving – Bread of the Earth Imagery Exercise For Thanksgiving Thanksgiving holiday
For Weight Loss: Eye of the Needle Imagery Exercise To lose weight obesity, over weight, weight loss
From Anger to Creativity Transform anger into creative energy. Anger
From Illusion to Illumination
Gift of the Magi For Self Growth Christmas Holiday Imagery
Greeting Each Other We Meet Ourselves To Connect With All of Creation Holiday, Thanksgiving