Mental Imagery Exercises

Preparing for Mental Imagery

The mental imagery exercises below can be used to solve a variety of issues in your life.

Mental Imagery Exercise Intentionsort icon Category
Cutting the Tie that Binds
From Illusion to Illumination
Out of the Shadows
Imagery Exercises for Pain
Imagery Exercises for Guilt
Imagery Exercises for Grief
Imagery Exercises for Bonding to Loved One(s)
Imagery for Children: The Dolphin Ride and the Rainbow Imagery for children
Imagery Exercise for the Winter Holidays: Channels of Light Winter Holiday Celebrations
Touch the Sun fatigue, illness, Low energy, tiredness
Out of God’s Hat Divine Light
Easter Surprise Easter, Holiday
Taking a Weight Off your Chest An Imagery Exercise For Asthma
New Lungs An Imagery Exercise For Asthma Asthma, COPD
The Birch Tree An Imagery Exercise For Asthma
Exorcism An Imagery Exercise For Asthma
Pine Forest An Imagery Exercise For Asthma Asthma
Light in the Lake An Imagery Exercise For Asthma
Cleaning the Airways An Imagery Exercise For Asthma or lung conditions Asthma, bronchial congestion, bronchitis, COPD, emphysema, lung congestion, lung cystic fibrosis
Be As A Tree Exercise Becoming the tree of your own life Tu B'shvat (arbor day) Exercise
The Bell Exercise Bring a man or woman Into your Life finding a mate, life companion, relationship, relationships, ring in the new, soul mate, your dream man, your dream woman
The Danielle Rigg Exercise for Breast Cancer Building the Bridge of Health through the Milk of Human Kindness
Hologram - Rosh Hashana (From Colette Aboulker-Muscat) Changing Course and Reconnecting Changing Course, Holiday Imagery, Reconnecting, Rosh Hashana
The Golden Machete Clear Obstacles and Make New Discoveries cancer, divorce, finding a new directions, infections, job obstacles, life direction, marital discord, mental confusion, obsessional compulsive disorder, ocd, relationship issues, tumors
Becoming One With Nature Connecting with nature; for Earth Day Celebrations, Arbor Day, Tu'beshvat, Gaia, Spring Equinox Earth Day Celebrations - Arbor Day, Gaia, Tu'beshvat
Ark of Safety Develop Faith Doubt, Lack of Faith, Uncertainty
Rainbow Bridge of Hope Develop Hope Despair
The Fairy House: A St. Patrick's Day Imagery Exercise For Good Fortune St. Patrick's Day Imagery; For Good fortune; Holiday Imagery; Fairies