Mental Imagery Exercises

Preparing for Mental Imagery

The mental imagery exercises below can be used to solve a variety of issues in your life.

Mental Imagery Exercisesort icon Intention Category
Hologram - Rosh Hashana (From Colette Aboulker-Muscat) Changing Course and Reconnecting Changing Course, Holiday Imagery, Reconnecting, Rosh Hashana
Imagery Exercise : Self Resurrection To Resurrect Yourself Anew (for Easter) Easter, Spring Holiday Exercises
Imagery Exercise For Freedom: Escaping From Jail Exercise To Free Yourself (for Passover) Freedom, Passover, Spring Holiday Exercises
Imagery Exercise for SADs (Seasonal Affective Disorder) To regain vitality Seasonal Affective Disorder (SADS)
Imagery Exercise for the Sacred Season For Spiritual Protection Winter Holiday Celebrations
Imagery Exercise for the Winter Holidays: Channels of Light Winter Holiday Celebrations
Imagery Exercise to Help Make Thyroid Function Normal: Red & Blue To normalize the thyroid function goiter, grave's disease, Hashimoto's disease, Hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, metabolic problems
Imagery Exercise: Descend to Love To Remove sadness and suffering depression, Sadness, suffering
Imagery Exercise: For Seasonal Allergies To breathe easily in allergy season Allergies
Imagery Exercise: For Secrets that are Gnawing at You To Forgive Yourself Errors, forgiveness, Secrets
Imagery Exercise: Taking a Bite Out of Cancer To Heal From Cancer cancer
Imagery Exercise: The Forest of Forgiveness To Forgive Another Anger, betrayal, emotional pain, forgiveness, resentment
Imagery Exercise: The Zen Master Setting An Intention for the New Year New Year's Resolutions
Imagery Exercises for Bonding to Loved One(s)
Imagery Exercises for Grief
Imagery Exercises for Guilt
Imagery Exercises for Pain
Imagery Exercises: For Earth Day Healing the Earth & Becoming One with Nature Earth Day Celebrations - Arbor Day, healing planet Earth
Imagery for Children: The Dolphin Ride and the Rainbow Imagery for children
Imagery for Menopause: Till the Clouds Roll By Reduce menopausal symptoms Menopause
Imagery for Vertigo To ameliorate vertigo vertigo
It’s in the Stars To make a decision
Light in the Lake An Imagery Exercise For Asthma
Love Poems from Hafiz and Rumi for the New Year To open your Heart Love
Love, Power, and Wisdom To Create Well-Being Distress
Menorah of Hope To bring hope to the world. Chanukah, Hopelessness, Winter Holiday Celebrations
Net Worth To Increase Income
New Lungs An Imagery Exercise For Asthma Asthma, COPD
Out of God’s Hat Divine Light
Out of the Shadows