Mental Imagery Exercises

Preparing for Mental Imagery

The mental imagery exercises below can be used to solve a variety of issues in your life.

Mental Imagery Exercise Intentionsort icon Category
Imagery Exercise for the Sacred Season For Spiritual Protection Winter Holiday Celebrations
For Thanksgiving – Bread of the Earth Imagery Exercise For Thanksgiving Thanksgiving holiday
The Quest for Hidden Meaning Fulfillment and Mastery Holiday Exercise, New Year's, Rosh Hashana
Imagery Exercises: For Earth Day Healing the Earth & Becoming One with Nature Earth Day Celebrations - Arbor Day, healing planet Earth
Imagery Exercise for Kwanzaa Knowing Ourselves Through Seeking and Finding Winter Holiday Celebrations
Little Boy Blue: Welcoming the Coronavirus Vaccine Maximize the effectiveness of the Coronavirus Vaccines, Reduce the "negative" side effects Coronavirus Vaccine side effects
Imagery for Menopause: Till the Clouds Roll By Reduce menopausal symptoms Menopause
Renewal Self-Renewal Elul, Holiday, Self Renewal
Imagery Exercise: The Zen Master Setting An Intention for the New Year New Year's Resolutions
Contented Heart Thanksgiving, cleansing depression
Imagery for Vertigo To ameliorate vertigo vertigo
Passover: The Red Sea Imagery Exercise To Become Free Passover, Spring Holiday Imagery Exercises
Bridge of Love Imagery Exercise to become loving Love
Imagery Exercise: For Seasonal Allergies To breathe easily in allergy season Allergies
Menorah of Hope To bring hope to the world. Chanukah, Hopelessness, Winter Holiday Celebrations
Prayer: Using Mental Imagery to Call on Your Guardian Angel To call on your guardian angel
Reversing Trauma Exercise To change the memory of traumatic event Trauma
Cleasing Exercise for the month of Elul To Cleanse and Renew Ourselves cleansing, Elul, Holiday
The Sound of the Shofar To cleanse and renew yourself forgiveness, Healing, Holiday Celebration, Rosh Hashana
Cleansing Imagery Exercises for the Winter Holidays To cleanse ourselves and the world Chanukah, Christmas, cleansing, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Winter Holiday Celebrations
Passover: Searching for Chametz* To cleanse ourselves spiritually Passover Holiday
Through the Jungle To Clear Away Confusion
Greeting Each Other We Meet Ourselves To Connect With All of Creation Holiday, Thanksgiving
Vision of Love: A Valentine's Imagery Exercise To cultivate love Cultivating Love, Valentine's Day
Taming The Hurricane To dissipate the force of a hurricane Hurricanes
Red Ribbon Exercise (for Guilt) To eliminate feelings of guilt guilt, Holiday, Yom Kippur
The Red Ribbon Exercise (for Guilt) To eliminate feelings of guilt guilt, Holiday Celebrations, Yom Kippur
Insomnia Exercise: The Meadow of Sleep To fall asleep & awake refreshed Insomnia, lying in bed awake, restless, trouble falling asleep
Find Your Valentine, Find Your Love To find your valentine boy friend, girl friend, mental imagery, true love, valentine, visualization
Imagery Exercise: The Forest of Forgiveness To Forgive Another Anger, betrayal, emotional pain, forgiveness, resentment