Private Consultation with AIMI Faculty

Over the past 45 years, people from all over the world have consulted with the late Dr. Epstein, the AIMI faculty and its healthcare graduates on health, work and relational issues. AIMIs holistic approach takes in the physical, emotional, mental, social, environmental, and moral aspects of a person’s life situation and the challenges confronting him/her. The work is all short term. The aim? To educate you to maintain your health, independence and freedom.

Duration: Private consultations with AIMI faculty and graduates can be scheduled for one hour, 45 minutes or 30 minutes via ZOOM, telephone, or in person.

To schedule a private consultation:  call 646-269-4742 or email 

  • Health issues: physical, emotional, and/or mental health

  • Family and relationship issues regarding: children, spouses, s.o.‘s and/or the extended family.

  • Life coaching to change careers, pinpoint blockages in careers, define business strategies, financial road blocks, etc.

  • Morphological Readings  - Understand yourself and others more deeply through the ancient art of morphology or face reading. 

Private Consultation with an AIMI faculty or graduate: What can You Expect?

  • Identify what you want from your session.
  • Discuss the GEMS system as it relates to the areas of difficulties you experience today:  
  1. The sources that gave rise to the illness (not the physical causes, though those are not to be overlooked either)
  2. The meaning of the illness or difficulty you face -  what benefits/blessings/possibilities for growth it has provided, 
  3. Identify and change the core beliefs around which you have organized your life.  
  • You  receive a new education regarding your life, relationships, illness/health etc. 
  • You get an individualized and personalized mental imagery or other homework to practice on your own.  These exercises reinforce new beliefs and ways of being in the world (deconditioning yourself)
  • Youwill do a brief call in with you seven or 21 days later.

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