Gerald Epstein, M.D. - better known to all of us as Dr. Jerry - passed away in 2019. However, his work continues to live through his school, the American Institute for Mental Imagery (AIMI),  his, many published works, and his students.  Find Dr. Jerry and AIMI on  Youtube , Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter. His last work, We're Not Meant to Die is scheduled for release in Fall of 2020. 


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RESEARCH ARTICLES: In collaboration with academic and non-profit partners, Dr. Epstein has received grants from NIH and other entities and published significant findings. 


  • ACMI Press: This specialty publishing company run by Dr. Gerald Epstein and Rachel Epstein is dedicated to producing contemporary works of high quality in the areas of imagination, imagery, healing, dreams, and spirituality. Our mission is to revive the millennial–old tradition of the imaginal experience in all its manifestations, and make it accessible for all to use in healing and transformation.We publish books ranging from the therapeutic application of mental (or guided) imagery for healing emotional, physical and topical problems of everyday life to the transformative inner journeys of waking dream. Our books aim to educate you to be a free being by, as Colette phrased it, "climbing the ladder of self mastery."  See the catalog
  • New ACMI Books 
  •  Reversing Cancer through Mental Imagery (available in print);
  •  We Are Not Meant to Die (Fall 2020).
  • Reversing The Trauma of War (May, 2020). 

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